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 dal ciclo

 "Libri proibiti"




Artist - Illustrator



Carlo Duina is an italian artist and illustrator.

Images, elaborations and words find the stylistic and technical figure to describe his poetry.‚Äč


If you would like to get in touch regarding any projects or collaborations, you can reach us at:








"Cinema City Palermo"               Palermo

"Laterale film festival "               Cosenza

"Poster mostra"                         Lisbona

"Università di Palermo"               Palermo



"Edizioni Precarie"                   Palermo. 

"Insula lab"                            Palermo
"Noi Libreria"                         Milano

"Giufà libreria"                        Roma
"Mutty"                                 Mantova
"Libreria del Corso"                  Trapani. 

"La maiastra"                          Bordeaux

"Libreria dell'acciuga"               Cuneo

"Ila Malù"                               Brescia




2011 (Brescia) EVOLUTAMENTE solo exhibition at gallery Ucai

2016 (Brescia) PRESENCE solo exhibition focused on the aesthetic form and the body movement explored through drawings, watercolors and paintings. Cascina Balocchi

2018 (Linosa) THE ISLAND OF THE SUN Artist Residency in Linosa (Sicily) production of a series of works using local paper findings.

2019 (Venice) “Sulla luna library” LUNAR VISIONS solo exhibition, a series of collages on paper inspired by the moon and its evocative power.

2019 (Palermo) Artwork (POSTER) for the PALERMO CITY festival.

2020 (Palermo) Artwork for the PALERMO CITY festival

2020 (Brescia “Ilamalu” FROM DARKNESS TO REVOLUTION solo exhibition, a 10 x 23 feet installation  and a series of works created during the lockdown.

2021 (Cosenza) Artwork for the LATERAL FILM FESTIVAL.

2022 (Cosenza) Artwork for the LATERAL FILM FESTIVAL.

2022 (PALERMO) DIALOGUES WITH MEMORIES guest speaker at DARCH (Department of architecture faculty of Palermo) for a workshop on Graphic Composition





mail  info@carloduina.it







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